Literacy Scholarship Policy

Hi there! Welcome to AlterYouth, a scholarship app enabling users worldwide to start scholarships directly for students in government primary schools of Bangladesh. The app facilitates automated scholarship transfers through mobile banking with student's academic requirement logic incorporated into the software.

Please note, the app is not responsible for the educational performance of students, it is only a window to track performance and progress of your scholarship recipients.

First thing to keep in mind!

Eligible scholarship candidates are those children who do not have a father to support them financially. By default, they have a lack of parental guidance and are often the students who underperform in class. Scholarships open a new window of opportunity for them to continue their education and app users are humbly requested to keep this in mind during the tenure of their scholarship.

Student Privacy Policy

The AlterYouth app facilitates numerous scholarships started by individuals from all around the world. Scholarship recipients indeed lack financial support, however, they deserve their right to privacy and dignity. Keeping the above as a top priority, as well as security and well being of students, the app does not allow communication with scholarship recipients. All contact information of scholarship recipients are withheld and the app does not facilitate the exchange of such information. AlterYouth app users are humbly requested to respect the privacy of students.

Dropout Policy

Despite a scholarship, a student may still drop out of school due to a multitude of reasons outside the control of school authorities. Examples include family disputes, health tragedies, migration etc.

As such, if a scholarship receiving student stops attending school despite the financial incentives of the scholarship, the app user's scholarship will be automatically reassigned to another deserving scholarship applicant and the user will be notified.

Academic Policy

AlterYouth scholarship recipients have to maintain a minimum school attendance of 75% and ensure a minimum passing grade to remain eligible for monthly scholarships until completion of class 5.

Keeping in mind most students in the program are at a high risk of dropping out, provisions are made so that all children are given a fair chance at succeeding in school curricula.